Sailboat Mintaka

Enjoy riding the San Blas Sailboat Mintaka waves under the steady and safe hands of Capt. Manfred & Petra on Mintaka.

Your always friendly hosts welcome you to their family operated San Blas cruise. They applied Germany’s finest standards to design & build their own sailboat Mintaka back in 1991 and have since sailed 100.000 nautical miles around the world.

Manfred & Petra knows every inch of their boat, keep it in tip top shape and run a well-timed operation on a fixed schedule that rarely sees any delays*.

Get ready to be amazed by Petra’s professional cooking who back in Germany served some of the largest companies in the world in their 1400 seat restaurant.

Prepare to look back on unforgettable memories & photos of relaxation & swimming blue waters of San Blas, sun bathing on picture perfect white beaches, fishing and snorkeling for exotic species & exploring deserted Caribbean islands.

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