Ferry Express & San Blas Ferry Status

There has been two ferries operating between Colombia and Panama in recent years. The San Blas Ferry is a smaller Canadian Ro-Ro Ferry and the big brother was Ferry Express.

Colombia Panama Sailing has worked as an agent for both these ferries.

Ferry Express Panama

The company in charge of the Ferry Express announced in April that they would shut down traffic for the low season and would consider resuming operations in the high season or end of the year 2015.

Since April 2015 the company has not come with any more statements or other indications that they will start up.  The official web page http://www.ferryxpress.com/ is offline.

It is therefore unlikely it will start operations anytime soon.

San Blas Ferry

A smaller Canadian ferry has since 2013 tried to get permission to operate between Carti and Colombia, but has had many problems with Colombian and Panamanian bureaucracy. The ferry is currently kept in operational condition in Panama awaiting a solution, but there is still no solution in immediate sight.

If and when the San Blas Ferry becomes operational Colombia Panama Sailing will be the first to offer tickets. If you are interested in information about the San Blas Ferry when it becomes operational please sign up to our newsletter.

Car and motorcycle transport

At the moment there is not much we can help with in this regard. The Port Captain in Cartagena does not allow transport of motorbikes on sailboats anymore.

Alternative transport OPtions

There are two alternatives for passenger transport; Flying or Sailboats. Colombia Panama Sailing offers incredible 5 day cruises where you can experience the San Blas Islands on a private sailing vessel. These trips are very popular amongst travelers in recent years. For more info on these trips we suggest reading “Sailing the San Blas Archipelago”




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