Sail from Panama to Colombia on a safe & secure sailboat

The Panama Colombian Sail industry has in the past had a reputation due to many unserious and unprofessional actors. Fortunately, most sailboats that have been sailing for years, have a good reputation and is represented by many agents are following safety regulations.

All sailboats bringing passengers to sail from Panama to Colombia should have had an inspection and been given permission to operate by the port authorities. Still, one has to consider that this is Latin America and papers can be obtained through improper channels or means. It is therefore wise to exercise good judgment.

Quality before quantity

Even for us, it can be difficult to know if f anyone adheres to acceptable standards. This is why we chose to exclusively work with boats who take quality, safety and experience seriously. We listen closely to our travelers and take complaints up with the captains. If we feel a boat or a captain is not following safety and quality standards we remove them from our partner program. We have removed boats many times in the past.

We are dedicated to making it easy for you to choose a good boat that will give you the best possible experience, from buying your tickets, through San Blas Islands and all the way to your final destination.

Online security and service excellence

We strive to be available and provide prompt and excellent customer service.

Our web page is encrypted with https SSL certificate and we follow very strict security measures to ensure your safe online shopping experience.

Security requirements for out partner sailboats

Our sailboats should have

– Experienced and Licensed Captain and one crew member
– Man-over-board device and procedure in case of need to relocate a passenger who falls overboard
– Emergency Positioning Indicator Radio Beacon (EPIRB) to automatically send an emergency signal to coast guard if it comes underwater
– VHF radio to communicate by emergency radio channel with other vessels, especially coast guard in an emergency. We recommend the boat has a mobile VHF radio in addition to the stationary.
– Life vests for all passengers onboard easily accessible with lights and whistles
– Life raft with space for all passengers and crew on board. The life raft should also be marked with expiration date and last inspection
– High power dinghy
– Emergency flares with expiration date
– GPS. We recommend a mobile GPS in addition to the navigation system.
– Charts for the areas to visit
– Adequate fresh water supply for all passengers on board
– First aid kit
– Adequate safety briefing procedure adapted to the sailing vessel