Sailing Catamaran Jacqueline

San Blas Sailboat &

Catamaran Jacqueline.

The Gizzy captain of Santana and his dedicated crew has an extra focus on non-party experiences. They will show you the best that the islands have to offer and give you a pleasant experience sailing from Panama to Colombia or from Panama to Colombia.

It´s all San Blas.

Catamaran Jacqueline offers 5 full days of sailing in the San Blas Islands.









01 . san blas –

The Jaqueline experience is a full 5 days sailing in San Blas. Go deeper into the island group than any other sailboat. 

Absolutely amazing! Great boat, fantastic food and the scenery is second to none, San Blas is gorgeous! Also Gisbert and Luis are friendly, helpful and accommodating, though at the same time safe and responsible”

Elliot Howard – Backpacker on sailing Santana

With Jacqueline you avoid the two day ocean crossing and end up in the southern part of the island group from where you can get to Turbo, in Colombia by fast boat.

Captain Fritz Reinhardt .

Full-time sailor since 2006


Catamaran Jacqueline is 56 feet Catamaran and the biggest boat on Colombia Panama Sailing. The boat takes up to 16 passengers, but with the opportunity to pay a little extra to get king size bed. With 30 years’ experience in Vienna restaurants Fritz Reinhardt has picked up one or two tricks that might drive your taste buds crazy.

Catamaran Jacqueline has vegetarian options and other specialty diets available on request.

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Captain Fritz had to be one of the most epic aspects of the entire escapade

Traveler on Catamaran Jacqueline


02 . wild side –

With Fritz on board, you are likely to get more entertainment than just sunny weather and sandy beaches.

Captain Fritz is described as a real-life cartoon character that is “shockingly honest, innocently perverted and absolutely hilarious”. Famous for his direct approach to everyone and any subject captain Fritz Reinhardt is a fun and humorous captain to have as a host and you are more than likely to pick up hilarious quotes, such as;

“Crocodiles call these quiet, shallow waters home”
“if the coconuts don’t grow, there I don’t go”
“If you like it, it’s okay. If you don’t like it, bad luck!”

Find likeminded travelers among the wide spaces of one of the biggest catamarans in the business. You will sail together with a variety of other travelers sharing the wildness of San Blas together. Go nuts exploring uninhabited picture perfect islands with crystal clear blue waters and insane coral reefs. At night you can make a bonfire and throw a wild pirate party right there on the beach.






& Enjoy