San Blas Sailboat &

Catamaran Santana.

The Gizzy captain of Santana and his dedicated crew has an extra focus on non-party experiences. They will show you the best that the islands have to offer and give you a pleasant experience sailing from Panama to Colombia or from Panama to Colombia.

It´s all about the experience.

Santana is a non-party sailing experience. Only beer and wine allowed.

01 . eperience -

Captain Gisbert “Gizzy” Kroczek and his experienced crew welcomes travelers who are ready for a nature experience out of the ordinary and offer a pleasant & safe environment for your San Blas Experience.

Absolutely amazing! Great boat, fantastic food and the scenery is second to none, San Blas is gorgeous! Also Gisbert and Luis are friendly, helpful and accommodating, though at the same time safe and responsible”

Elliot Howard – Backpacker on sailing Santana

Giz and his crew will show you the San Blas islands where you can swim in the most impressive crystal blue waters, snorkel incredible reefs and wrecks.

If you are in San Blas to relax, explore, fish and enjoy its incredible beaches. This is the catamaran for you.

Captain Gisbert "Giz" Kroczek .

Professional worldwide cruising license & full-time sailor since 2006

Gisbert and his co-captains are very skilled in the art of sailing. Safety comes first and you so you can enjoy your trip not worrying about anything. 

The Catamaran Santana is a very large sailboat with lots of space both inside and outside. You will sleep comfortably and always be able to find a spot to relax.

You will have a kayak, fishing gear and snorkeling equipment available at all times.

Sailboat Santana has vegetarian options and other specialty diets available on request. 

Great boat, comfortable sleeping,
amazing food, great spots.

Kate Cassidy – Sailing on Santana

02 . comfort -

The Sailboat Santana is famous for excellent food, that is sometimes compared to restaurant quality. 

This sailing trip has definitely been one of the best experiences ever. I would highly recommend doing it. I would most definitely sail with Santana & Gisbert again. Felt very safe, and also he is an amazing cook!! A huge highlight of our trip!”
Jasmin Dimov – Traveler on Santana

With a huge space on the deck you will have plenty space to throw your feet up, find a relaxing position and dig into your favorite book, just gaze at the picture perfect sunset or explore a multitude of galaxies and stars overhead more clear & vivid than you have ever seen them before.






& Enjoy