San Blas

Sailboat Mintaka.

Fill up on incredible experiences and fond memories of swimming in crystal blue waters, sunbathing on picture-perfect white beaches, fishing, snorkeling exotic reefs & exploring deserted Caribbean islands.

Prepare for the authentic sailing experience.

Mintaka will give you an amazing sailing experience. Sail with one of the most experienced crews around.

01 . sailing -

Captain Manfred and his lovely wife Petra actually built this boat themselves and have been sailing it since 1991. They have sailed around the world… twice!

Ahh! Manfred, Petra, you are the invisible foundations upon which these once-in-a-lifetime experiences are built upon!!
Rob Eggleshaw – Backpacker sailing Mintaka

Not only do they know whats what about sailing, they have been sailing for years in San Blas Islands and have incredible knowledge about the area.

Sailing Mintaka will give you the authentic sailing experience with a crew that is unmatched in sailing experience. Listen to their stories from the seven seas while enjoying the best of San Blas Islands together with a small group of travelers.

Captain Manfred "The Man" Habich .

Full-time sailor since 1991 with more than 100.000 nautical miles sailed


Few in the world can match Manfred and Petras sailing experience. They have sailed more than 100.000 nautical miles since they set sail back in 1991.

The Mintaka sailboat is a spacious monohull sailboat that is kept in top notch condition by the crew who built her.

You will have a fishing gear and snorkeling equipment available at all times.

Sailboat Mintaka has vegetarian options and other specialty diets available on request. 

A great boat to experience this tropical paradise.

Luba – Sailing Mintaka


02 . gourmet -

All though all Colombia Panama Sailing sailboats offer great food Mintaka takes it one step further. Mintaka and Petra used to own and run a large restaurant in Germany. They have not forgotten the skills in the kitchen. Prepare for the best dishes served under sails.

We would definitely recommend them and give them a good review. They run a tight ship, have a nice boat, take small groups, and probably have the best meals of any of the backpacker boats sailing this route
John Widmer – Traveler on Mintaka

The advantages of sailing Mintaka includes traveling in a smaller group. The sailboat itself is spacious, but only takes 8 passengers. This will give you the opportunity to get to know your fellow travelers while you experience the authentic sailing experience with some of the best skilled sailors around.

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