San Blas

Sailboat Sophia VI.

The Gizzy captain of Santana and his dedicated crew has an extra focus on non-party experiences. They will show you the best that the islands have to offer and give you a pleasant experience sailing from Panama to Colombia or from Panama to Colombia.

You will leave with a big smile on your face.

Captain Andre, on the sailboat Sophia VI, rates his success on the size of your smile when you leave the boat.

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Captain Andre fosters a very relax and chill out atmosphere on the sailboat Sophia VI. Its all about having a great time together and enjoying the best place to be… on a sailboat in the Caribbean.

The crew made a gorgeous voyage into something extraordinary. André, Ezekiel, Nico created an amazing atmosphere of family for my daughter, dog and I. We learned a bit about sailing, navigation, the sea, cooking, music, and friendship from these guys.
Mark Trinitapoli – Backpacker on the sailboat Sophia VI

Live the moment and ride the waves of freedom. Andre will give you that chill-out experience you have been longing for and there is no better place for it than here… on Sophia VI.. in the San Blas Islands. 

Captain Andre Leroy .

Internacional Navy Captain Licence – 12 years navigation experience

Andre and his crew are very skilled in the art of sailing. Safety comes first and you so you can enjoy your trip not worrying about anything. 

Sailboat Sophia VI is a very spacious and comfortable monohull sailboat. 

You will have a kayak, fishing gear and snorkeling equipment available at all times.

Sailboat Sophia VI has vegetarian options and other specialty diets available on request. 

the photos, the experiences, the vibes, the crew.

Mary Jesu – Sailing on Sophia VI


02 . sailing -

Andre is a very passionate and experienced sailor who loves to share his knowledge. He is a great teacher you can join in and learn a great deal about how to sail.

Amazing experience from start to finish – good crew, good captain, good times!
Mitchell Pilat – Traveler on Santana

The crew of Sophia VI has many incredible dishes on their menu. So be prepared to be blown away by their cooking!






& Enjoy