The Best Boats from Panama to Colombia

Finding the best boats from Panama to Colombia has been on the mind of many backpackers since the start of the trips many years ago. It was in the middle of the 1990s that some sailboats started to offer transport to travelers looking to crossing the Darien gap between Panama and Colombia.

Getting from A to B – CHEAP

There has never been an all year round functioning road between Central America and South America. An unwelcoming swamp jungle makes any roadwork extremely difficult. Not mention the maintenance work such a road would incur. Add a long-term guerrilla war and a popular drug smuggling route. And the area is pretty much lawless and unreachable travelers, as well as the law.


Chilling on deck while sailing Panama to ColombiaOnly recently has air travel between the two countries become reasonable and affordable enough for budget travelers. However, the price of an airfare is still at the level of the all-inclusive 5-day sailing trip through one of the worlds most picturesque islands in the world. No wonder many travelers choose the San Blas experience rather than another hour in the air.

As the San Blas sailing trips became more and more popular it attracted more sailboats to the area and some started to operate full-time transport of backpackers. The unregulated business attracted many unserious people looking for some fast money. By the mid-2000s the business started to get a bad reputation and it was difficult to get reliable information on what was the best boats from Panama to Colombia.

Hostels and agents did not provide good information on the quality of the trips offered which let notorious boats to operate much longer than they deserved.

The Best Boats from Panama to Colombia

By 2009-2010 blogs, social networks and internet search had became more important to spread reviews of good and bad boats. It has had a positive impact on the San Blas sailing industry. The most notorious boats got less traffic as travelers shared experiences online and many have disappeared.

From transport to experience

In the later years, the San Blas Sailing trip is moving from being transport to be an experience in itself. More and more travelers come are searching online to find the best boats from Panama to Colombia. The main attraction is the San Blas sailing trip.

Sailing to Colombia and Panama – What is and What is not included in the priceEvery backpacker has a different expectation of what constitutes a good trip for him or her. Some travelers prefer to see San Blas through the bottom of the cocktail glass on the deck of a large catamaran partying with old and new friends. Other travelers are looking to experience nature and prefer to spend afternoons and nights in tranquility. Some want big boats while others would like the authentic monohull sailboat experience.

The Best Boats from Panama to Colombia

This is why we tried to keep our products along these lines.

Relaxed Nature Experience with catamaran Santana

Quiet sailing on a big boat where all your focus is on nature experience. Santana has prohibited the use of hard liquor on board to secure a relaxing ambiance for all travelers onboard.

Classic Cruising on Mintaka

Mintaka is a large monohull sailboat that can take up to 8 passengers with main focus on nature experiences.

Experience on Quest

Quest is a large monohull sailboat that can take up to 10 passengers with a main focus on nature experiences.

Colombia Panama Sailing considers these to be the best boats from Panama to Colombia has they have proved to be the most reliable when it comes to punctuality, service, and food onboard