The windy season in Colombia and Panama

The windy season in Colombia and Panama normally starts around mid-December and lasts until April. This period is characteristic of its complete lack of rain and therefore is also called the dry season.

In the windy season, there is an almost constant strong wind blowing from the North-Eastern direction. In the windy season, you will experience calm mornings and windy afternoons.

The constant wind creates choppy seas and may make the crossing somewhat uncomfortable. By sailing from Panama to Colombia you will get more movement than the other way as you will be sailing with into the wind and the waves.

Catamaran vs. Mono Hull

Monohull sailboats have an advantage in these conditions as they can go closer up to the wind and therefore normally sail a shorter route from Panama to Colombia with the wind almost on the nose. Some catamarans choose cross on a slightly more southern route than monohulls. They then sail to Islas San Bernardo with the wind on the side rather than on the nose. From San Bernardo they sail north in the calmer early mornings close to shore.
The captains are very used to these conditions so follow their instructions and you should be fine.
For reasonably accurate local weather forecasts for Colombia and Panama we recommend Accuweather