Search No More Here is your
Panama to Colombia boat

Relax in the sun, make new friends, and fall in love with the San Blas Islands on your Panama to Colombia boat.

Search no more
Here is your

Panama to Colombia boat

Relax in the sun, make new friends, and fall in love with the San Blas Islands on your Panama to Colombia boat.


the San Blas Islands on a 5-day all-inclusive sailboat cruise on the best Panama to Colombia boat.

The Easiest & Safest Way To Experience

the San Blas Islands on a 5-day all-inclusive sailboat cruise on the best Panama to Colombia boat.

Only the best

We work with a few, selected and properly tested operators who keep delivering an excellent experience every time. Panama to Colombia boat is focused on customer experience.

On Time

Panama to Colombia boat takes punctuality seriously. No cancellation due to lack og passengers or other excuses. You can depend and count on our trusted operators.


Our selected operators value safety. They keep all security equipment up to date and you can count on a responsible, well trained and experienced captain and crew.

The Incredible San Blas Islands
Just a Click Away

One-way passage Panama to Colombia boat

You may choose to sail with a Panama to Colombia boat or travel Colombia to Panama. The open ocean crossing takes from 32 to 46 hours depending on wind directions. It is a truly exciting and once ina lifetime experience where you will experience seeing the stars and Milkyway brighter than you have ever before and maybe will again. You may see dolphins playing around the boat or catching a tuna on the fishing line.

Sailing the San Blas

You are guaranteed three days anchoring on different islands every night. You may sleep on the boat or bring a hammock onshore. It is your choice. You will get plenty of time exploring the islands, snorkeling the reefs, and sunbathing. Depending on the group and type of boat you may have a beach party or spend the afternoons relaxing with a sundowner.

All Meals included

Included in the price are three delicious meals. Our boats are famous for tasty and healthy food on board. You will also have access to fruits, coffee/tea, and drinking water. If you have special requirements such as vegetarian, vegan, or allergies you will get a special diet during the trip. Remember to notify us about this immediately after making the reservation for the crew to prepare.

Freshwater showers

There is nothing like a freshwater shower when spending the whole day in saltwater and the boiling sun. Freshwater shower sounds obvious? It is not. When you sail on Panama to Colombia boat in boiling heat, high salty humidity, and saltwater all around you will learn to appreciate fresh water. Sailboats are limited to the water that is in the tank. It has to last the full 5-day-trip. Freshwater showers are a luxury. Still, water is a limited resource. So, keep ´em short 🙂

All Passport Arrangements

All regular passport arrangements and port clearance are included in the price. Not included in the Panama Tourist Tax, Guna Yala Tourist entry fee (see below), or country-specific fees.

If you are not sure try Googling: [COLOMBIA or PANAMA] immigration fee for [your home country]

Space and Comfort

A Panama to Colombia boat and, yes, even the catamarans will feel small compared to your regular life living spaces. Still, there is a big difference between 10 people on a 46-foot boat and 10 people on a 35-foot boat. Our sailboats and catamarans allocate adequate space for passengers to be able to comfortably live onboard the boat for 5 days. Every traveler will get their own berth. No one will sleep on the floor or in the cockpit.

Equipment for Island Activities

The captains will be helpful with transport to and from the islands. Many captains and crew will be super helpful in showing you the great snorkeling spots and other opportunities for fun experiences on the way. You will be provided with snorkeling equipment and in some cases fishing gear. Depending on the boat you choose there may be more equipment, such as a kayak, etc.

Panama to Colombia boat media mentions

“…if you’re ready to challenge your ability to live without the luxuries of modern life, you’ll be rewarded with an experience that you’ll treasure for a lifetime.”

– Lou Blair

“…a network of islands that surpass the most palm-fringed of holiday brochure cliches, and spent three days floating through the archipelago, snorkeling along reefs of fire coral and eating lobster from paper plates.”

– Thomas Rees

“So, are the people of San Blas the most content people on the planet? I think they might just be… and I certainly took a piece of that feeling home with me.”

– Chloe Gunning

“I didn’t have much choice but to sail through these pristine, remote Caribbean islands, though, in order to get from Colombia to Panama.”

– Cameron Dueck

Panama to Colombia boat


Read all you need to know about Panama to Colombia boat. Here you will understand what kind of trip this is, how to prepare, and what to expect from your San Blas sailing trip.