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About the Colombia to Panama Sailing sailboats, San Blas Island trip, weather, preparation and more.
Sailing Cartagena to Panama City by boat
22 Nov: Sailing Cartagena to Panama City by boat
In 2010 I decided to make a big move and move to Cartagena permanently. One of the first people that contacted me was an old sailing friend of mine who was sailing Cartagena to Panama by boat, bringing travelers with him.
San Blas Sailing
21 Nov: San Blas Sailing
The water is crystal clear. You can see the sandy bottom all the way down two-three meters there under the boat. You get ready to jump in the blue – turquoise water and wonder what to expect. When you hit the water is like a nice warm, but refreshing rush through the body.
16 Nov: What is and What is not included in the price
Many of our clients ask us what is included in the price of the San Blas Sailing Cruise and what is not.
Safe Booking and Happy Traveling
16 Nov: Sail from Panama to Colombia on a safe & secure sailboat
The Panama Colombian Sail industry has in the past had a reputation due to many unserious and unprofessional actors. Fortunately, most sailboats that have been sailing for years, have a good reputation and is represented by many agents are following safety regulations.
16 Nov: Reserve and pay your sailboat trip
Depending on your preferences you may choose a specific type of sailboat to sail with such as a party boat, social boat or chill boat. You can read more about the different types of sailboats here or click on each of those names to get to the boats in each category.
Prepare yourself for sailing
16 Nov: Prepare yourself for sailing
Sailing on a sailboat for 5 days means many people and little space. It is therefore important to think minimalistic. Prepare your luggage before you board the sailboat. When you pack you should have one smaller bag with the things and clothes you will need for the sailboat trip and leave the other things in your regular luggage that will be stored away for the duration of the sailboat trip in San Blas.
16 Nov: Immigration procedures
The immigration process is quite different when crossing borders by boat compared to overland or air. It is a normal procedure to collect all passports and let a certified agent bring them to the immigration authorities for processing. Often you will not even meet an immigration officer. This is a normal procedure for sailboats entering and departing the port of a country.
16 Nov: Group Savings – Discounts on Bookings

Save up to $300 on Group Savings. Finding the best boats from Panama to Colombia has been on the mind…

Catamaran Santana GPS Position
16 Nov: Wild Card GPS Positions
Here you and your family can track the progress of Wild Card cruise online and in real-time. Be aware that the captain pushes the GPS tracking button manually at uneven intervals. So, there might be a few hours between two-way point. This is normal and does mean that there is anything wrong.