Amazing Race Norway Winners on Santana

Morten and his brother Truls won in 2012 the first season of Amazing Race Norway. After visiting India, Dubai, Thailand, Vietnam, Australia, China, Norway, and Kazakhstan Morten and Truls could drive out in their brand new Subaru XV each and a cash price.

In January 2013 Morten was traveling around Colombia and Panama and of course, he chose to sail from Cartagena to Panama with Colombia Panama Sailing. Morten went with Santana and captain Gisbert.

Interview with Amazing Race Winners


You won the 2012 Amazing Race Norway together with your brother. We start off the interview with a few questions about your experiences from the Race.

What countries did you travel to with Amazing Race Norway?

We started in Oslo Norway, went to Dubai UAR, New Delhi, Agra, and Jaipur India, Bangkok Thailand, Hanoi, and Hue Vietnam, then over to Sydney Blue Mountains and Melbourne Australia. Hong Kong China was next, then to Macau China, last to Almighty Kazakhstan and the final was back in Oslo!

What was your best memory from the contest?

So many things I can mention in this question. But I would say it is three things that stand out.

1. We had to bake 50 cow-shit-cakes in a slum village outside Agra India. The cakes would be fire fuel for the poor people there! When we sat there on the dirty ground baking shit, the kids in the village stood on a house roof and sang songs and cheered to us. Amazing moment and pure joy for these children. I loved it.

morten_amazing_race_on_santana2. My second memory is when I was given the opportunity to jump off a plane at 10000 feet (3000m) tandem parachuting. This happened just outside Melbourne in Yarra Valley. Yarra Valley is a wine district and the view was just spectacular. I was the first of all contestants that jumped off, and it was pure adrenalin and happiness. Did I smile all the way to the final?

3. The last of many good and fantastic memories is when I and my brother had to sail a 30 feet sailboat for 45 minutes with 15 minutes of training, into Sydney Harbor. We have never sailed before but used to the sea because of our grandfather. (Fisherman) rip. The sun was setting, it was 28 degrees and some wind. I remember the view, Sydney Opera house and the Sydney Harbor Bridge, beautiful, but the very best of this memory is the teamwork between me and my fantastic brother. We didn’t need to speak to each other, just look at each other and we knew what we needed to do. It was awesome.

You visited Kazakhstan on your trip. How was that?

Kazakhstan was like u could expect in a former Soviet province. A lot of cement buildings and cold. We went to a city called Almighty (former Alma Ata). On the plane from China to this city, we were instructed from the production that we couldn’t mention Borat in any circumstances. Obviously they are not proud to be associated with him… hehe. But we found out that the people are nice, helpful and warm. The food and chocolate are terrible. One humorous episode was that when we were finished filming the episode we were driven to our hotel. Here we found out that this hotel was actually a brothel. You could easily get a prostitute to your room, as there were 4 girls situated beside the stairs on each floor.

In your opinion why did you guys win the Amazing Race Norway?

In my opinion, we won because we had more plus factors than the other contestants.

– We showed respect and gave a smile to everybody we met. A taxi driver in India, as well as a taxi driver in Oz. We have both traveled before and that was a good experience to take with us into the race. Have respect and smile a big smile.

-Teamwork as we also know each other very well.

-We are not afraid of so many things, and we are very competitive.

Parachuting and bungy jumping is no problem. We are snowboarders and used to some amount of adrenalin.

Honestly it felt like we didn’t got tested enough on this race.


Morten_SailingNow we would like to know a little more about your experiences in traveling before going on the Amazing Race.

Do you have any traveling tips? Places one has to visit?

I think that Vietnam is fantastic. Great people and not so many tourists. Hue in the middle of Vietnam is beautiful, with its forbidden city and the beaches nearby. Australia is a must. Cambodia and Angkor are amazing. If you want to try some unexplored mountains and hills snowboarding/skiing, go to Kazakhstan. It’s safe and just on the other side of the Himalayas.

There are many incredible places to visit in the world. What’s next for you? Where haven’t you been that you really want to go?

Now I have been to some parts of South America and Latin America, and it was awesome. I would like to go further south in South-America and further north in Central America. I would like to see Machu Picchu and visit Chile for snowboarding. Would also see Argentina and Pamplona. In Central America, I would go to Nicaragua and Costa Rica. I would also go to Mexico and see the ruins of the Mayans and the Aztec empire. However, probably what I do first is to travel to Africa. I have a goal to see all continents before I die, and Africa is the only one I have left.


While traveling in Latin America you chose to take a trip with Colombia Panama Sailing. Off course we need to know what you thought about that experience

You traveled from Cartagena to Panama with Gisbert and Santana. Tell us a bit about the trip you did with Colombia Panama Sailing?

Got a tip of this boat and this El Capitan. And the tip came out very good. The boat is a catamaran with sails and beds for 16 persons. It started with a meeting the day before the sailing trip began. Here we got all the information at got to meet the others and of course the captain himself.

The next day we had to meet up at the docks at 15.00. Gisbert would come to these docks and pick us up with his dingy (small motorboat) Onboard we helped him as much as we could and about 17.00 we were heading out of Cartagena in the sunset. Beautiful!! To days in the open sea waited for us, and on the third day, we would arrive San Blas Islands. The sea for these two days was a bit rough and some of us got seasick.

Morten_CartagenaOn the morning after we left Cartagena, a pack of dolphins came to play with the boat, and that was a dream come true for me (probably for many of the others as well).

When the Islands showed up in the horizon and two sunsets on the open sea were gone, we were thrilled to get inside the reefs and anchor up. It was beautiful and amazing and awesome. Just like I have seen on TV and postcards. Tropical Caribbean small Islands, with white beaches and crystal clear waters. Just Awesome, just awesome! After some days in this Island heaven, we started to get into mainland Panama. For me, that was just a walk in the park and a journey we need to do. I could have stayed in San Blas forever. We arrived at Puerto Lindo and got on the local bus to Panama City.


This is your first trip to Latin America.

What stood out as your best experience on the sailing trip?
Of course the joy of being out on the open sea, the dolphins, and the Islands. The Boat Santana felt safe and I had huge confidence in the Captain. But the best thing was all the other people that were on the boat. Everybody became friends and we traveled together for some days in Panama too. Another thing was when we got invited over to this Indian tribe to have a bonfire and drink rum and beer with them. That was also a good memory

Tell us about the menu on the way? Did you get to try the lobster in San Blas?

Gisbert knows his food. It was great! I would eat his Bolognese and chicken every day any day.

The Journey had so many fantastic experiences. Yeah, some local Indians came by to sell lobster to us. We ended up buying 6 lobsters and one crab. It was cheap as well compared to European restaurant prices. I think we paid 40 us dollars for all of it. And the man himself, el Capitano Gisbert, knew how to prepare this as well. I don’t think anything was left to the barracudas. Amazing to eat fresh seafood on a boat in a postcard picture setting; Sunset, beer, wine and rum to the dinner… truly amazing.

Morten_Cartagena2Any tips for people that want to do the sailing trip?

Eat seasick pills, drink enough water, wear sunscreen and have some dollars with you, no pesos. Panama uses dollars and makes sure you have enough space on your memory stick. Bring good spirits and smile all the way from sunset to sun dawn. The most important thing, have respect for the CAPTAIN, and all of the others on the boat.

For how long have been traveling here?

I have planned to go to South America for some time, and finally, I had the chance to go. But I had only 3, 5 weeks to spend there, so we had to make the best of it.

What countries have you visited on this trip?

For that amount of time, we only visited Colombia and Panama. I would have done one other country, but there are so many fantastic things and places to see in Colombia, that we ended up staying longer. I didn’t like it so much in Panama City so we decided to take the plane directly back to Cartagena after two days there.

What stands out as a must see or do in Colombia and Panama?

I would recommend Paragliding in Medellin. That was just awesome! Paragliding 3000m above the sea with the mountains, skyscrapers, and barrios of Medellin under us. Just wearing shorts and a t-shirt. THAT’S AWESOME?

The old city of Cartagena and the rest of the city, with its beaches and everything, were also just fantastic. Cartagena is on my top 3 list of great cities I have visited in the world. Perhaps numero uno… And of course the sailing trip… all of it… magnificent. In Panama City, you can see the skyline and go to the canal and that’s it.

Morten_in_South_AmericaFinally, you spent some time in Cartagena. In your opinion, what’s the must see and do in Cartagena?

Felt like I was in a Pirate movie. Beautiful and very well preserved. I would also recommend to go to the naval museum and afterward go to the fortress. You should also walk around the old wall. You should have a beer or Cartagena’s local rum El Dictador at Donde Fidel. A good pizza in Pizzeria Aguanile, just between Bocagrande and the old city. The beaches are great. You should go see the marked beside Caribe Plaza, but remember to go in the daytime, as it can be dangerous at dusk.

A absolutely must is to visit one of the many Salsa bars and night clubs that is around. See and experience some true Caribbean Colombian party, with dancing, drinking and general good time.