San Blas Sailboat Sovereign Grace

The San Blas Sailboat Sovereign Grace is one of the largest boats sailing between Panama and Colombia. With an impressive 74 feet in length it is 22,5 meters long. Sovereign Grace has is very heavy steel boat that will not move as much in the open ocean crossing giving you less movement in the waves.

Sovereign Grace was as recently as 2013 completely overhauled and rebuilt for the purpose of sailing from Colombia to Panama or the other way. The sailboat is incredibly spacious and can easily handle 23 passengers below deck.

Enjoy a full sound system, fridge for drinks and three bathrooms. Plenty of space above and below deck for chilling, relaxing and socializing. This is a truly great boat for socializing, partying and enjoying life at its very best.

The current captain of Sovereign Grace is Wilson from New Zealand. HE has been working on sailboats in San Blas for many years and took over as captain on Sovereign Grace in 2018, with great results.

*Occasionally another experienced captain may be contracted

  • Restaurant like food
  • Heavy boat moves less
  • Spacious & comfortable
  • Great for socialization
74 ft / 22 m
Year Built

1960s / Rebuilt in 2013


2-3 (Capt. included)

Vegtarian option

Order with your booking

Safety equipment

All required safety equipment for this voyage as specified by both the Colombian and Panamanian Govts

Panama Dep./Arrival

Puerto Lindo

Sailing on Sovereign Grace

No better way to cross between panama and Columbia. Beautiful Caribbean islands, awesome reefs to snorkel on. Capt. Wilson and Chef soph made the trip, from making everyone feel at home to serving up the best food. We caught fish while sailing and ate them later that night, awesome parties, beach bonfires and even a movie room, there’s something for everyone.

Sailing on Sovereign Grace

Thank you Wilson and thank you Sophie for making the boat trip from Colombia to Panama an amazing one! Too bad there was not a lot of wind, but everything was well organized.
If you want to know how “second breakfast” tastes on a boat (or lunch and dinner), book this boat, you’ll not regret it! Best food I had this month! Sophie, you’re the best!

Sailing on Sovereign Grace

If you are planning to travel between Panama and Columbia you have to visit the San Blas islands with Captain Wilson & Chef Sophie, not only will you see some of the most amazing islands and sunsets but you will eat some of the best food you’ll have in your life and be living on a U-Beaut boat for 5 days. You will not regret this trip!

Sailing on Sovereign Grace

After backpacking for 1.5 years I have been fed that much since I left with such high quality and quantities since I left Sophie definitely didn’t let me go hungry. Wilson and the crew as a whole was one of the highlight wethers it was the friendly banter or the past voyages.