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Finding the best boats from Panama to Colombia has been on the mind of many backpackers since the start of the trips many years ago. It was in the middle of the 1990s that some sailboats started to offer transport to travelers looking to crossing the Darien gap between Colombia and Panama.

Group Savings
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Group Savings

How To Claim Your Group Discount?

  1. When you check out click on “Have a coupon? Click here to enter your code”
  2. Enter the code that applies to the number of people are traveling. E.g. “10%onBooking” for groups of 4 or 5 people.
# People Disc. in $* Code
4 People
5 People
$20 Discount
$25 Discount
10% Percentage Discount10%onBooking Never Expires
6 People
7 People
$45 Discount
$52.5 Discount
15% Percentage Discount15%onbooking Never Expires
8 People
9 People
$80 Discount
$90 Discount
20% Percentage Discount20%onbooking Never Expires
10 People
11 People
$125 Discount
$137.5 Discount
25% Percentage Discount25%onbooking Never Expires
12 People
13 People
$180 Discount
$195 Discount
30% Percentage Discount30%onbooking Never Expires
14 People
15 People
$245 Discount
$262.5 Discount
35% Percentage Discount35%onbooking Never Expires
16 People
17 People
$280 Discount
$297.5 Discount
35% Percentage Discount35%onbooking Never Expires

Terms & Conditions
1. Only available when you book via our web page

2. Only valid when all passengers reserve at the same time under one group booking. One cannot get discount on additional bookings added at a later time.

3. Only valid with the use of a discount code. Discount is immediately added to your payment.

4. Not available together with other promotions, coupons or offers issued by or other entities.

5. If a traveler in the group booking cancels and is eligible for a refund of deposit prior to departure the discount will be adjusted accordingly to the remaining number of travelers and the Saldo will be refunded.

6. The discount is only on the deposit payment and offered only by It is not offered on behalf of any operator, agent, boat owner or captain

7. This offer may be withdrawn without notice

8. reserve the right to amend or alter the terms at anytime

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We know you will love experiencing San Blas, Panama, and Colombia on one of our sailboats!

That is why we want you to have something extra to offer your friends and fellow travelers when you tell them about your experiences.

When you make your booking with us we will send you a coupon you can give away to as many of your friends as you wish.