Sailing the San Blas Archipelago

Sailing between tiny Caribbean islands on a private sailboat is literary a wet dream for many travelers. The Panama-Colombian Sailboats is a truly great opportunity to live out this dream for a fair price while doing the anyway necessary task of getting transport between Colombia and Panama.

For the same price as an airfare, you get a 5-day all-inclusive cruise in one of the world’s most picturesque islands. As San Blas is largely closed off from mass tourism experiencing the remote parts of San Blas has been hard to reach dream for many travelers. That is one of the reasons the Panama Colombia sailboat trip has become so popular in recent years.

With no road connecting south and central America, the Panama-Colombia sailboats provide important transportation for travelers. Although travelers need to get from a to b, it is the San Blas archipelago that attracts them to this unique traveling opportunity.

Archipelago San Blas

San Blas Island

Some say that San Blas has one island for every day of the year, but it is actually more. The San Blas Archipelago consists of 378 islands. Some are as small as a few square meters and may have descriptive names such as One Palm Island.

There are 49 major islands and the larger settlements can be found on Aguja Island, Guanidup Island, Chichimei, Yandup Island and El Porvenir.

Although the Kuna Indians are of short stature they have a unique and great history and a strong culture they protect strongly. After the 1925 Kuna uprising and subsequent failed attempt to subdue the Indians Panamanians gave the Kuna self-governance. This is the main reason the San Blas has been kept free of mass tourism up to this point.

Sailing The San Blas Archipelago

Panama-Colombia Sailboat

The best way to experience the San Blas is on a private sailboat. It gives you access to the more remote parts of the archipelago. Areas that are inaccessible for day tours.

Since the San Blas archipelago is protected from ocean waves there is smooth sailing from island to island in virtually flat waters. You will have the tranquility and comfort to enjoy the ultimate Caribbean experience at its absolute best. All around you have the blue ocean, reefs, sun and small picture-perfect islands with coconut palm trees and dreamlike white beaches.

There are many activities to enjoy in San Blas for those eager to enjoy its incredible nature. You can go snorkeling on amazing reefs or underwater wrecks. Spend the day sunbathing and swimming on your private beach or go explore the tropical fauna. Some boats offer extra services such as a kayak or even scuba diving.

At night you will be anchored in protected waters and you can enjoy the star-sprinkled night sky in a way you probably have ever seen it before and may not see again for a long time. It’s a good time to let it all sink in, socialize with new travel companions and find new friends over a sundowner.

The Real San Blas Experience

San Blas Activities

The San Blas experience is more than just the San Blas archipelago and getting from a to b. You will step into someone’s home. A home very different from what you are used to. Your captain most likely does live on that boat all year round and probably has for many years. For him, this is not a job. It’s a lifestyle he is sharing with you.

There are captains who do not really enjoy having travelers living with them but accept this inconvenience for an important income. It is certainly understandable that not everyone is comfortable with sharing their home with strangers, but unfortunately, these captains make bad hosts. One of the reasons we partner with few boats is to have a good pulse on our captains. In the past, we have let some go when we feel they do not enjoy the trips they are offering for the travelers. The captain’s attitude towards other travelers and their love of what they do is all or nothing for theirs and our success.

So, buckle up and get ready for the best traveling experience of your life!