The windy season in the Caribbean coast of Panama, Colombia and San Blas

In December every year starts the windy season with a steady strong wind blowing until April. The wind is not strong enough to be uncomfortable when you are in the islands. A little wind is actually quite comfortable in tropics and the windy season is generally considered a very popular time to visit San Blas and the Caribbean coast of Panama and Colombia.

December also marks the end of the rainy season, meaning that there is almost no chance of rain for the next four months. Only clear blue skies and a nice strong breeze ahead.

The windy season means that the open water crossings will bring more waves and with it more movement on the boat under sails. This is perfectly normal and the captains are experienced and used to sailing under these conditions.

The captains know their vessels well and what conditions are safe to sail. They also take into consideration the comfort of the passengers. If winds and waves are expected to get rough the captain may opt to cancel or delay departure. This is for your safety and comfort. However, this is a rare occurrence happens only once every few years.

For your comfort, the captain may in some cases choose to sail a more southern course or in rare cases arrive at Sapzurro / Capurgana. In these rare cases, you will get help and information on transport options to Cartagena. 97% of our departures run on schedule without any delays or deflects.

In the windy season you can expect a bit of a bumpy ride, either way, but there are many measures you may take if you are worried about seasickness. We recommend you read our guide to avoid seasickness which can be found here.