Ferry Express & San Blas Ferry Status

Ferry Express Panama and San Blas Ferry

There have been two ferries operating between Colombia and Panama in recent years.

We offer MC transport with Soverign Grace and Wild Card.

Ferry Express Panama

The company in charge of the Ferry Express announced in April that they would shut down traffic for the low season and would consider resuming operations in the high season or end of the year 2015. Since April 2015 the company has not come with any more statements or other indications that they will start up again. The official web page http://www.ferryxpress.com/ is offline. It is therefore unlikely it will start operations anytime soon.

Car and motorcycle transport

We offer MC transport with the sailboats Sovereign Grace and Wild Card.

Alternative transport options

There are two alternatives for passenger transport; Flying or Sailboats. Colombia Panama Sailing offers incredible 5-day cruises where you can experience the San Blas Islands on a private sailing vessel. These trips are very popular amongst travelers in recent years.

For more info on these trips, we suggest browsing our page for more info