Transport from Panama City to San Blas – Carti & Porvenir

If you are sailing with Santana you will start/end in Porvenir San Blas. Transport from Panama City to San Blas is by 4X4 wheel transport.

You can reserve the transport online at LAM Tours or call one of the numbers+(507) 395 – 7105 +1 (704) 469 – 9146.

The price is around $50 for the transport and $20 entrance fee to San Blas charged by the Kuna Indians. You will be picked up at the hostel at 5.30. You arrive at your boat at around 8 in the morning.

Your captain will welcome you and show you your berth and help you get familiar on the boat. In the morning you will go through immigration, have lunch and usually be sailing into San Blas by midday.

If are sailing from Cartagena and Colombia you will normally arrive in Porvenir around san-blas-transportmidday and promptly process immigration before you are on your way to Panama City.

Where is Porvenir & Carti?
Porvenir is the first village on the first island in San Blas while Carti is the last mainland point from where you travel to San Blas and Porvenir.