Reserve and pay your sailboat trip

Depending on your preferences you may choose a specific type of sailboat to sail with such as a party boat, social boat or chill boat. You can read more about the different types of sailboats here or click on each of those names to get to the boats in each category.

If you already know the name of the boat you want to travel with you can check their specific departure table on their respective pages. See list of all sailboats here.

If you are open to sail on any type of sailboat but have a specific time you need to sail, you may check our departure page for all boats to find the one for you.

Book your boat

When you have found the right boat and departure date for you it is very easy to reserve and secure your spot. By paying a small deposit of only $50 your preferred departure is secured. This can be paid with your credit card or by PayPal using our web page.

When you have made the deposit payment and received a Confirmation of Booking email your trip is reserved. In the odd case that you have paid the deposit and the boat is full, you will immediately get a full refund.

Even if it is close to departure and the boat is filling up you may contact us on the chat or by email to check availability, but the best thing to do to increase your chances of getting the trip you want this to make the deposit payment right away. In the case of double booking it is the one who made the deposit payment first that will receive the last spot.

To make the deposit payment entails no risk for you as you will get refunded immediately if you don’t get your booking of choice.

The booking/reservation procedure

Here we will go through the booking and reservation process in detail so you know exactly what is going to happen when you make the booking with us.

1. Find your boat & departure date
2. Add the number of passengers traveling
3. Make the payment with your credit card or PayPal account
4. Wait for the Confirmation of Booking to arrive shortly

When you receive the confirmation of booking email from us your spot is secured and the final payment is made directly to the captain on departure.

5. Passport details

When you have made the reservation and got the spots confirmed you must send us a photo of the first page in your passport. This is important for the captains to prepare for immigration procedures from Colombia or Panama.

6. The captain will contact you

You will normally be contacted by the captain before your departure who will give you information specific information about the departure routines and how and when to get to the meeting point.

7. Final payment

The final is made to the captain on the date of departure. The payment is made in cash USD. Some will accept Colombian Pesos at a predetermined rate. For payment in COP, you may arrange directly with the captain before departure.

There are many options for changing COP to USD in Cartagena, but stick with the exchange offices/windows. Do not exchange money on the streets. There are many exchange offices in the Calle San Andres in Gethsemani, or search online to find the direction to one of the many Western Union offices in the city.

Unfortunately, there will not be any option for a credit card or any form of electronic payment available, so be sure to have this prepared and ready in time for departure.

Consider that your bank may have withdrawal restrictions preventing you from making a full 500-600 USD withdrawal in one day. For this reason, it is advisable to make some withdrawals in the days before departure and if needed make a few smaller withdrawals every day to avoid these limits from the bank.

8. Bring extra dollars

There is a 20 USD Guna Yala fee that you will need to pay to the indigenous people who govern the San Blas Islands. This cash you need to bring as there are no ATMs in San Blas and no options to pay with credit cards.

We also recommend bringing some USD in case you want to buy some souvenirs from the local indigenous population in San Blas. They make truly incredible, beautiful and colorful fabrics. It is well worth your money.