What is and what is not

Included in the price.

Many of our clients ask us what is included in the price and what is not. We hope this guide can help. We love to help you out with all your questions and concerns so please do not hesitate to contact us if you have more questions and we will help as best as we can.


One-way passage to
Colombia or Panama

Depending on weather you will be open ocean crossing for 32 to 46 hours. Be aware that the Colombia Panama Sailboat trip is a one-way ticket. If you need to get back to your port of departure you must either book a return trip or flight. Since the San Blas Sailboats normally leave full there is typically no discounts for return tickets. In Colombia you must leave time for immigration processing. this typically takes one day. Don’t worry. You don’t have to sit in the office the whole day. An agent will be handling you immigration while you can enjoy the city of Cartagena. This means that if you are traveling from Colombia you must be in Cartagena one day before. If you arrive in Cartagena you must take into account that you will receive your passports the day after arrival.

Two and a half days sailing in the San Blas Islands

You are guaranteed two and a half days in San Blas regardless if your trip starts in San Blas (Carti or Porvenir) or further north (Portobelo or Portolindo). Starting in Portobelo or Portolindo gives you 8-10 hours more night time sailing time. The advantage of leaving from these ports is that it is cheaper to reach from Panama City than San Blas Islands.

All our boats are famous for their tasty and healthy food on board.

All meals included

You will be provided with 3 meals per day, fruits, coffee/tea and drinking water. All our boats are famous for their tasty and healthy food on board. This is normally a good indication that the crew takes customer satisfaction very seriously.

Fresh Water Showers

Many smaller sailboats (under 35 feet) cannot offer daily freshwater showers as their freshwater tanks are simply to small to provide fresh drinking water as well as fresh water showers. In this case one is looking at 5 days with salt water showers only.

Colombia Panama Sailing only partner with large sailboats and catamarans as these boats offer better comfort for our clients. It might sound obvious, but daily fresh water showers are not self-evident when sailing with more than 8 people on board. All our boats offer daily fresh water showers during your trip.

It might sound obvious, but daily fresh water showers are not self-evident when sailing with more than 8 people on board
Most sailboats and catamarans still have to be careful with fresh water when traveling with many guests on board. Fresh water will run out fast if everyone takes half hour showers. It’s not like home, but you will fell fresh and clean afterwards and it is surely better than no fresh water at all. Listen to your captain as he will explain how how to shower effectively and you will feel as clean as you would at home.

Passport arrangements

All regular passport arrangements & port clearance are included in the price. Sometimes the Kuna Indians claims a 20 USD tax per person on passengers sailing in San Blas. This is a one time fee, but is not covered by the ticket price.

Space and comfort

We choose to partner with large boats to increase the comfort of your trip. Mintaka (46 feet) and Quest (64 feet) are both large mono hull sailboats that could take many more passengers than the 8-9 they routinely accommodate. Santana (50 feet) is a large catamaran, which allows for plenty of space to move around.

Equipment for island activities

The captains will be helpful with transport to and from the islands. There is available equipment for snorkeling and sometimes also for fishing. Santana has a kayak that you can borrow free of charge. Depending on the daily routines of your captain he may or may not be able to help you finding the best spots for snorkeling, fishing etc.

Dive and Snorkel

Swedish captain Goeran has been sailing for years around the caribbean looking for the best snorkeling and diving experiences.


What is not included in the price

Alcohol snacks & Soft drinks
Alcohol, snacks and soft drinks are not included in the price, but you are free to bring as much as you want. Sometimes (not always) the captain will be able to offer some space for the passengers in the fridge or borrow you a cooling bag.

If you would like to know more of what your captain can offer in relation to cooling you can contact your captain directly. Still, the general rule is not to expect too much when it comes to cooling your beverages as electricity (and ice) is scarce in tropical islands. But that is part of the fun, right?

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