What is and What is not included in the price

Many of our clients ask us what is included in the price of the San Blas Sailing Cruise and what is not.

What is included in the price

Many of our clients ask us what is included in the price of the San Blas Sailing Cruise and what is not. We hope this list can make clear the subject a little more. We love to help you out with all your questions and concerns so please do not hesitate to contact us if you have more questions and we will help as best as we can.


The open ocean crossing takes between 32 to 46 hours depending on wind directions. This is the unknown variable one must consider if planning a flight departure after your passage sailing to Colombia or Panama is over.

Be aware that sailing to Colombia or Panama is a one-way ticket. If you need to get back to your port of departure you must either book a return trip or flight. In this case, you must consider the possible delays in passage due to weather, as well as account for time to deal with immigration on the other end.

Since the San Blas Sailboats are normally fully booked there are typically no discounts for return tickets.

Two and a half days sailing in the San Blas Islands

You are guaranteed two and a half days in San Blas regardless if your trip starts in San Blas (Carti or Porvenir) or further north (Porto Belo or Puerto Lindo). Today all our boats start in either Portobello or Puerto Lindo and include 5 nights sailing to Colombia or Panama.

All meals INCLUDED

You will be provided with 3 meals per day, fruits, coffee/tea, and drinking water.

All our boats are famous for tasty and healthy food on board, which is a good indication that the owners and crew take your comfort and customer satisfaction seriously.

Fresh Water Showers

Choosing a large sailboat/catamaran, such as the ones provided by Colombia Panama Sailing, gives you the added luxury of daily freshwater showers. All our sailboats provide freshwater showers, but it is within limits. Even the largest catamarans have to be careful with fresh water when supporting up to 20 people on board.

Freshwater runs out fast if everyone takes the long showers we are used to from home. Usually, the captain expects you to use no more than 1,5 minutes of freshwater per shower. This means soap up, shampoo and jump in the ocean. When you get up you clear of the saltwater with a quick freshwater rinse. It’s not like home, but you will feel fresh and clean afterward and it is surely better than no fresh water at all.

Passport arrangements

All regular passport arrangements and port clearance. Not included is the Panama Tourist Tax and Guna Yala Tourist entry fee (see below)

Space and comfort

Compared to the vast ocean any sailboat will feel small, but some are smaller than others. And some captains fill their boat more up than others. Compared to other sailboats our boats will provide you with a feeling of sufficient space to move around.

Equipment for island activities

The captains will be helpful with transport to and from the islands.

There is available equipment for snorkeling and sometimes also for fishing.

Santana has a kayak that you can borrow free of charge. Depending on the daily routines of your captain he may or may not be able to help you finding the best spots for snorkeling, fishing, etc.

What is not included in the price

Alcohol snacks & Soft drinks

Alcohol, snacks and soft drinks are not included in the price, but you are free to bring as much as you want. Sometimes (not always) the captain will be able to offer some space for the passengers in the fridge or borrow you a cooling bag.

The general rule is not to expect too much when it comes to cooling your beverages as electricity (and ice) is scarce in tropical islands. But that is part of the fun, right?


The local indigenous community who governs the San Blas Islands charge a $20 USD per visitor to the islands. This fee is not included in the price you pay and should be brought in addition to your spending money for the trip.

Panama Tourist Tax

In 2013 Panama introduced a 100 USD tax for travelers that is planning to stay longer than three days in Panama. This tax is not covered by the price. To avoid this tax, you should be able to present proof of onward travel out of Panama within three days after arrival.

It might be worth mentioning that immigration officers have a relaxed attitude towards the authenticity of these travel documents. Panama does not have in place a system that can verify if the passengers leaving Panama after the allowed three days have in fact paid the tax.